Jan 10, 2013

Easter Stuff: Too early?..well have some any way's

Well it might be too early but the lazy early bird < me > gets some of the worms.

So here is a Easter Printie Pdf:  for you a couple of square Easter bags and a few egg shaped bags. Again just free patterns with free art.

I also did a quick video tutorial on Chocolate Easter Bunnies:
"They key word in this video is AGAIN.. wow.. hand me my dumb ass award..again " WADDA want I'm no video professor!" lmao
I'll add more in the next few weeks, and I haven't forgotten valentines ;P...and..."ooo jane goes off to chase butterflies"


  1. I'm already planning my scenes up until the summer. I'm aiming to do one a month. So it's not to early. Thanks for the tut!

  2. It might be a good idea to be well in advance of Easter things. It is always exciting during the holidays to see how much different people come up with.
    Thanks for sharing.