Nov 26, 2013

Treetop Creature Shop wins 2nd place!!!: Part two house construction

Good evening folks!

I am pleased to tell you I won 2nd place in the Greenleaf Dollhouse Spring Fling Contest!!!!

As you can see in the link, I was up against some amazing artists that have incredible skills. I am Honored to have placed with these ladies, let alone with my first complete build!!

I have won a 250$ Gift certificate to Greenleaf now, ohhhhh Christmas gifts!!!!!

Have a look at all the entries when you get a chance, they are very inspirational!.
I wanted to continue a little bit about the house construction with you, I don't have a ton of photos of this phase but the construction of the house was very simple. It is the details that took forever ;)

As you can see the kit was very simple and easy to place together 3 walls and floor, trim pieces and bam! you have a dollhouse! 
I started covering sections of the walls with a more firm version of the toiletpaper clay, I wanted it to appear like a worn plaster, since this house is thought to be magical and the tree is grown around it with lots of time. As you can see I lined cracks in various areas around windows and doors as you would think this place would "sway" a bit with the wind.
The interior is a mix of a cheap Crayola air dry clay and some leftover tp' clay I wanted this one to be a thin coat as I placed lathe slats inside this house, lathe slats being lighter, supported by the tree ;)
The lathe boards I decided to do very simply as they only peek out from a few sections and since I knew I would be packing this place full of decorations. to keep it simple and light I simply scored some cardboard like you score floorboards.
Quick example:
Line score and fit a bit
floor board scoring:
Floor painted:
And as you can see I glued the slats around and then did the wall covering, adding cracks here and there
After the walls were dry I went about dabbing some light brown and cream to age the walls, then the trim work was placed around.
playing with furniture ;)
The roof that come with the standard house was just cardboard and corrugated cardboard strips, think of tin roof.
I decided to continue on my favorite themes and go with a Tuscan style roof tile. This was a lengthy process but in the cost department, quite inexpensive.
I found this tutorial online about making roof tiles from cardboard Link Unfortunately the kit did not have enough cardboard for a layered roof tile so I disassembled a box I had downstairs and added tile strips which is essential the same.
I placed Kabaob skewers into the ridge areas then painted the piece with a mix of wood glue and paint to firm up the paper..then I speckled it with browns and greens then coated it all once dried with a sealer.
Then you simply have to cut 1000000000000 pieces and layer them for 2 days!! YAY! ;P
Since my build is a old battered windblown shop, I did not worry too much about perfect alignment and I even lifted and bent a few to resemble broken tiles and moss growing around. 
Tile, mossing plaster
The deck was done after I placed my shop on the tree so that it could be cut around the branches. 
Then I added a few real twigs as rails
I hope you enjoyed this view of the build. I will go over the decoration aspects in the next post.
For those that celebrate have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. Congratulations!!
    Hug, Faby

  2. Congratulations whit the fine second place. It is so beautiful Jane and so very well deserved. Enjoy your success
    Beautiful floor, I'm going to make a new, brown floor. By looking at yours, I have been inspired to make it, whit clear marking,as you have done. .
    I love your roof, it's so wonderful, and all the fine little details, the mushrooms and butterflies it's all so adorable. So lovely Jane.

  3. Congratulations Jane! You did so well that I am only surprised you didn't get first prize :) Thank you for showing your tricks! They are very inspiring!

  4. And you so deserved that second place award (I probably would have given you first, but hey, I can never figure out what appeals to the judges in those things!) Seriously, I love your treehouse! Congrats!!!

  5. Congratulations on the second place!! You know I LOVE this, and I would have given you the first place! ;) But second is a great place too!!
    Thanks for showing all these wonderful tips! I love the roof!

  6. Hello Jane hai creato una casetta sull'albero meravigliosa mi piace tutto!!!! Kiss!

  7. Congratulations! You did an amazing job & I really love how you are showing all of us how you did it! The tutorials are great, especially the cool.

  8. Happy dance for you!!!! Congrats! :D

  9. Jane, congratulations! Deserved winning! Mini hugs, Natalia

  10. Congratulations, Jane!!!!!!! I am so thrilled for you, and it's so well-deserved! That roof is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing your decorating post too. Keep resting and feeling better, my friend! xo Jennifer

  11. Many congrats Jane! :D

  12. Congratulations Jane. Enjoy spending your well earned voucher. Your build is fabulous, especially because of all the little details. I love the way you have done the roof.

  13. Congratulations Jane :D I knew you'd be in the top 3 for sure!! You deserve it with your spectacular build. Ooh, and I can't believe that roof is made from cardboard.... it looks really good. I hope you're feeling better and can't wait for you to show us the next step in the build.

  14. Congratulations!!!! It looks amazing!
    Thank you for sharing your tricks. I love your roof but your styling makes it outstanding!

  15. Jane congratulations you deserve your win your tree house is amazing. I love every bit of it. The roof is fantastic. Enjoy your prize. I hope you are feeling lots better.
    Hugs Maria

  16. Es fantástico, me encanta.
    Un abrazo.

  17. Complimenti, hai realizzato un ottimo lavoro!
    Un caro saluto, Manu

  18. Congratulations with your well deserved second prize in the Greenleaf contest, Jane! Your Tree House is gorgeous and I love, love the roof!!! Hugs, Liduina

  19. Hola Jane
    Enhorabuena te mereces el premio tu casita en el arbol es absolutamente maravillosa.
    Has hecho un fantastico trabajo, felicidades.
    besitos ascension

  20. Congratulations!! Your treehouse is incredible. I love your roof!!

  21. I can't believe I missed this! I am such a crap blogging friend! Let's have a google + date soon! I sent you an Etsy convo about the Christmas swap. I'll just have to try to make it up to you with prezzies!

  22. Congratulations! I was hoping you'd win, your tree house is amazing!

  23. I have just sat and read all about your tree house - two words describe it - absolutely stunning!! Your work is amazing. I've just been showing my husband who says the same :)

    1. Thank you hon, I do hope it inspires others to build outside the box..or even up a tree ;)

  24. Hello!
    Thank you for the inspiration, this magikal treehouse is inspirational! I am beginning a faerie library which may not be finished till I'm 100 at this rate! I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on working with airdry clay. I would also like to use it for the interior and exterior of the room but it wont adhere and is very cracky on the small bits that have stuck. Any advice you can offer would be very appreciated :D

    1. Hello Sarah!

      Thank you for your kind words, good things take a long time to create I am sure yours will be wonderful!

      I guess it depends on what type of clay your using. For these types of builds is should be a paper clay in which your roll in sheets. You going to want to use a wood glue or elmers all purpose glue to thinly apply on the entire surface of the piece your adhereing it to.

      Cracking can be issue depending on the dry time. The best suggestion is to try to slow the dry time, it will take longer but the cracking is reduced by placing slightly damp papertowel on the pieces you have finnished and letting that dry slowly over 24-48 hours.

      The only other advice I can give it to use a particular air dry clay that may or may not be available in your area but it works in very thin sheets. Polyform Model Air. That is what I use now for all my projects..

      You can message me on google plus or email if you need more assitance
      Best of luck!