May 13, 2013

Beautiful flowers of spring: Kims swap

Good morning!

I hope you all had wonderful mothers day celebrations.

I wanted to share pictures of some of these amazing and beautiful flowers that Kim over at Flowers and Art. sent off to me for our swap!

Kim is a garden gal like me, she has some amazing real life flowers in her garden to get inspiration for these amazing beauties she sent off to me.

ps..stop smelling your screen, it doesn't work like that ;)

They are so delicate and lovely the colors are just beautiful!
This globe flower pot is one of my favorites those are each individual flowers placed on there, details make a wonderful mini.
I am waiting now for my lilies to come up, but looking at this wonderful show really brings the feel of spring in full bloom ;)
This mixed flower bucket is just awesome, daffodils of course are so lovely! in many shades *wink*
And of course this gorgeous scene with the umbrella and flowers and a tiny.. tiny little birds nest, this piece is so beautiful and wonderfully made!
I want to thank you again Kim for sending my first set of gorgeous flowers! Each item you lovingly made and so beautiful!
With all these lovely friends sending me fantastic minis for Holiday Inc, now all I have to do is...start..working on it again ;P
Little bit o' love from Jennybee :) , she knows I love snails *hugggs*


  1. They are beautiful! Kim is such an amazing artist. The little snail is so cute.

  2. Gorgeous flowers Kim made you. I love the umbrella with flowers and egg nest. I also love the daffodils. The bucket is amazing. Enjoy all these beauties.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. I'm so very happy that you like them all. I'm sorry I still have not caught up on blog reading and commenting- I am still feeling so poorly and slept almost the entire day both saturday and sunday! I had so much fun making these flowers for you and I'm so happy you asked me to swap. big huge hugs to you----promise I'll share your items on my blog as soon as the other box arrives ♥

  4. Warning came too late, now I have to clean nose prints off my monitor :D

  5. Gorgeous flowers! I love seeing Kim's work. Congratulations and enjoy! xo Jennifer

  6. Oh I am so impressed with all the flowers, it is very impressive work I've seen kim `s work before and it is so beautiful and creative.

  7. Wonderful flowers.
    Original the umbrella with flowers.
    Bye, Faby

  8. These are gorgeous! I'm so jealous! I have to construct two bridal bouquets, and I'm not sure where to begin. Thinking about ordering clay flowers and making life easier.
    Best Wishes,

  9. Bellissime tonalità di colori hanno i fiori che ti ha regalato Kim!E mi piace la composizione con l'ombrello. Un bel lavoro, Manu

  10. You and Kim did a great swap together. Her flowers are beautiful and the miniatures you made and gave her (I just admired her post) are gorgeous as well!

  11. Love your flowers! The flower with the umbrella and the little bird nest is so fin!

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  12. Hi Jane! I love the gifts that Kim made! You are one happy lady I would imagine. The flowers are all bright and cheerful and so detailed and the little umbrella with the birds nest is adorable! Way to go KIM!


  13. Those sure are some pretty flowers Kim made you, mighti also say I really like that double bucket too!!! P.S. Scratch and sniff does not work on the screens either! Hahah

  14. Hi Jane =) Thank you for letting me use your pics for my minimagazine =) I will show you de result later =) take care! hugs!