May 11, 2013

Treasures from accross the world: Drora's swap

Good morning folks!

My swaps have come in and boy was I treated to some amazing and beautiful treasures ;)

Drora's package came yesterday from across the world, I love that we can share this wonderful hobby from all over our globe!

Now you all know how amazing of a miniaturist Drora is but she is also such a wonderful and thoughtful swap partner as well.

She crafted such wonderful minis for my Holiday Inc house, let me show you:

Here are a teapot, creamery jug and delicious cake for my Santa and elves to enjoy while they toil away at making toys:

Speaking of toys, Drora knew I love her little dino toys and she was wonderful enough to make me one for my Christmas room, and of course you can see this amazing dollhouse for the dollhouse.
The love attention and detail she put into this wonderful house is just amazing! Look at how tiny the flowers are in the corner! Wonderful!
She also sent me this wonderful set for the downstairs shop a beautiful jewelry display and amazing jewelry box that opens! Wow!
Now I will show you two of my absolute favorite items, and for me here in the woods this really is a example of across the sea.
Miss sweet amazing Drora crafted these miniature shell boxes and displays for me, and they are just beyond beautiful.
I am a bit jealous of the craft, lady ship here :P as it is not only so beautiful to look at but amazingly put together.
Drora, honey...sweet amazing lady! Thank you so much for being a wonderful mini friend from across the world! I will honor your gifts and cherish them!
Tomorrow I will show you Kim's fantastic flowers!!!!


  1. You received wonderful gifts. Drora is an artist.
    Bye, Faby

    1. Thanks Faby, She sure is a wonderful gal ;)

  2. Those are beautiful items :) That small tray that Drora made for you is almost identical to the one I won in her giveaway back in January. It's so lovely that friends always stop to admire it when they come over (It's on my special display shelf where I keep the minis I have won in giveaways or received from lovely blogger friends).
    I love those little snails you are making for your local crafts sale.

    1. I love the seashells! She did make beautiful things.

      ahh the snails..well they are hugging along.. slowly ;P

  3. Very beautiful. Drora is a master of making miniatures. All of them is very well made and beautiful.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

    1. Thanks you, Drora sure is a amazing mini master ;)

  4. What lovely swap gifts! I really need to find time to join one of these wonderful exchanges. It seems like so much fun!
    Best Wishes,

    1. When our ready hon, give me a call ;P

  5. Thank you for your for your kind words. This swap was fun. I too cherish the
    beautiful miniatures you made for me.
    Lots of warm hugs, Drora

    1. Good work Drora! You are muti talented and the collection of goodies that you've put together for Jane is WOW!
      Congratulations Jane, You Scored!


  6. Hey Jane, Drora absolutely spoiled you with so many lovely gifts! You lucky girl :D
    I especially love the box decorated with the tiny shells. Have fun with all the presents you received.

  7. What gorgeous gifts from Drora, Jane! You are one lucky woman, and Drora is a real treasure. Enjoy everything! xo Jennifer

  8. Congratulations on all your beautiful gifts. I have exchanged Christmas gifts with Drora. I also received a fine box of sea shells and the fine tray whit small mini clams. Drora writes on the back of my tray, that they are from "the sea of Galilee." I feel very humbled to sit with it, in my hand.
    I also love love love her fine jewelry with display.
    Enjoy it all.

  9. hermosos regalos, felicidades

  10. Поздравляю с такими великолепными подарками!
    Drora замечательный художник и прекрасный ювелир!

  11. Bellissimi doni hai ricevuto da Drora! Mi piace molto la mini casa delle bambole.Un abbraccio, Manu

  12. Enhorabuena por todos esos preciosos regalos de Drora!!
    besitos ascension

  13. Hi Jane! Drora's gifts are absolutely perfect. Drora is so very talented! The jewelry she sent is stunning. As for the box with shells, you are so blessed to have something from the Sea of Galilee!