May 31, 2013

Minivendorfanaticus: Tommorow is the sale

Good day good folk.

So tomorrow is the sale, I will set up my booth early in the morning and sweat under my little tent :P

I will take some nice photos of my little show tent tomorrow but I thought I would post a couple of random pictures since my brain is all scattered about.

The Flower Fairy Swing:
This is another full sculpt, I used feathers for hair and placed a shimmery wrap around her nekked parts ;)
I bent a bit of wire created a base flower from simple cloth flowers and then twisted a bit of wire for her swing.
I found this domed container on my first thrift shop mini trip yesterday and it fit the flower display perfectly.
Here are a few shots before I put her in.
Fairy Garden in a sorta
I decided to make a few simple pieces and some decorating rocks,gems shells and place them in the box to have people get inspired to do their own Planter Fairy Garden.
I will have a few mushrooms, a small bench, "lady bug" bath, watering can:
I placed this old man for Jana to look at ;P
And here I made a steampunky snail
Sorry for the jumbled post I am running around like a nutto today!
Will post some display pictures tomorrow, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!


  1. Hi Jane! Everything is so lovely. That fairy in a dome is spectacular. Yours is such a beautiful talent!

  2. Sorry, I forgot to wish you the best of luck for tomorrow. Your display is so original that I'm sure you will sell everything.

  3. good luck, good luck, good luck!!!! I don't think you need it- I think your items are going to sell for sure-everything is so wonderful! I'll be here in Minnesota trying my best to will some cool breezes your way ♥

  4. Your fairy looks great and so does the garden and YES it does inspire!!!!! I hope all goes well too tomorrow. HUGGS

  5. Ha, I love that steampunk snail. XD

    Good luck at the sale!

  6. Best luck!!! The fairy is beautiful. I love her wings. I'm sure your tent will be an attraction.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Ooh, good luck tomorrow, I'm sure your items will sell like crazy! And yaaay, Confucius snail!! He's so adorable! Just perfect :D And I love the little fairy. I think after the show you should thing about making some more sculptures of people, maybe dress some up for a dollhouse scale?
    Again, good luck tomorrow and can't wait to see pics of your table :)

  8. Good idea about the steampunk snail!

  9. Best wishes for the sale. You certainly have made some amazing pieces. Enjoy.

  10. Wishing you great luck tomorrow. You've made some stunning pieces for the sale. xo Jennifer

  11. I bet you sell out! Sending positive thoughts your way, Jane!

  12. Oh so charming a fairy and so lively. I hope you have a fantastic day and get sold a lot.

  13. Best of luck to you. The fairy and the garden is absolutely wonderful.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  14. I like the fairy in the dome. The garden is amazing.
    Bye, Faby

  15. quelle merveilleuse petite fée ! Le jardin est lui aussi superbe. Jane, vous nous faites rêver !