Nov 20, 2012

Making a few more...

I know a lot of us are into the holiday spirit recently involving minis..and the macro's ;)

I was going to join this little craft fair a local school was having this year..then I saw how big it actually was..then I chickened out.. I ADMIT IT.  Also in my hide under a rock defence, I really did not have any stock items to sell.

There is another smaller fair..library style ..*lol*.. I may look into. That one may be the best to dip my mini toes into.

Sometimes its hard to come out of your mini shell but even the smallest turtle does it from time to time. ;)

So I am working on a few display items since its a holiday fair, I love every ones little Christmas cookies and while you HAVE to HAVE a few cookies for display.. you also need something pretty to put them on :)

Cookie Plate Tier:

This is very simple to make:

Make three polymer clay plates in varying sizes. You will want to bake and paint/glaze those plates before assembly.

Use a large sewing needle to punch a hole into the center.

Clip a bit of wire make it straight, then slide your plates ..then the bead/ jewelry ring/ stiff paper circle, into place by applying a bit of tack glue . I do use super glue from time to time on the bottom to really place the wire.

Hold each section until dry < insert elevator music here>

You can then glue the entire piece onto a wooden circle or clay circle base to make it stand.

You can do 2 tiers maybe add a shiny bead to the top.. have fun with it ;)


  1. This is very lovely! I should try more clay things one of these days. But it's a bit annoying sine Fimo is quite hard (even Fimo Soft) and I want to spare my poor fingers as much as possible, hahaha.
    But really, a great job on this piece!


    1. Dont forget you can make paper plates, pretty nice ones by just printing them out on some hard cardstock and using a stylus or press to make a plate form.. less work on the fingers ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing Jane! You seem to always come up with great ideas and I love the detail with the holly leaves. This one I think I can even give a try. lol