Jun 12, 2013

Google reader deadline: Finding your options on my blog

Good morning folks!

I know most of us have chosen a option for the soon to be removal of reader in Google.

I have added a few to the sidebar on the left of this page for folks to get updates from my blog if they choose:

Here are a some in case you have not already made a change:
  • Bloglovin
  • Google Plus
  • Email
  • Minatures Group
  • Feedly.com

Bloglovin: A lot of people have joined up with this option already. Its a clean simple import and interface.

Google plus: I have discussed this already about the video chat and a few of us have gotten on here to meet up, instant message chat and test out the interface: I use this as a one stop updater myself.

So in google plus you can create circles which are groups: For instance I have a few circles Minifolks if you are a miniature enthusiast, friends, following blogs etc. That way you can sort blogs by subgrouping and on the top of your google plus home page, sort updates, pictures, blogs that way.

It is basically a Facebook , reader, video, instant message, clone all in one. *lol*
Email: I have added this for those folks who may prefer to have it remind them, that a post was made if they do not choose the other options:

Miniatures Group: I have also added a link to my online miniatures group, its just another place for folks to find each other that enjoy our little hobby.

Feedly: Jenn and April are using this one so I have added it for you to check out;)
Good luck in finding a option, if you have any questions feel free to contact me via all of above or pop in and say hi ;)


  1. Geez...I wasn't even aware that Google was dumping the reader option. I must live in a cave. Does this mean readers will not get notice of when I post? Not good for a fiction blog! Bloglovn' sounds like the easiest option, and maybe Google plus. I'm lost. Help!

    1. I would definitely add the bloglovin picture link to your blog:

      Just go to the layout: add a picture: the link will be to your bloglovin profile: and as for the picture just copy the one on my page that says follow with bloglovin.

      Google plus is a great option to add people, I would do all of the above ;)

      I would certainly post the notification on your blog between your stoies to help your readers get their updates ;)


  2. I have chosen Bloglovin, but I still use google reader, I must pull myself together and start to learn the new system.
    When I find a new blog, I want to follow, should I just still write me in as followers, like before?

    1. I think they are doing away with google friend connect option and going into google+

      You can add as many blogs as you like to bloglovin of course. But also start adding people on google plus to groups. We will worry about sorting after *lol*

  3. Dopo che ho letto il tuo post...con gocce di sudore...ho fatto il trasferimento anch'io!Un caro saluto, Manu

  4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have joined both google and bloglovin' So far I have found it easy to read the blogs on bloglovin'. I will have to experiment with google some more. IndyPoppy

  5. Hi Jane! I just added you to my e-mail. I do this on whatever blog I can. It's simple. Unfortunately, some blogs don't have that option so I'll just add them to my favourites for the time being. When it comes to stuff like reading instructions on how to join bloglovin' and all the others, my brain suddenly mixes its gears and will not cooperate with me. I guess it's something in my DNA. Hahhah. Oh well, I've accepted myself as I am a long time ago.

  6. Don't forget Feedly, it's really easy to import all your google blogs and they can be in categories like miniatures, news, knitting, etc. It works with the PC and iPad alike. You just go to Feedly.com then log into gmail and it auto imports all your blogs you follow. I am no pro but have been using it for a few weeks and it's pretty friendly.

    1. I also have been using Feedly, for months now and I really like it. There's also an app for smartphone users, which works nicely.

    2. Thanks gals I have added it on the list for people to check out!

  7. Also thanks for reminding me I need to update my blog for follow ability. You soo smart Jane. hUGGS

  8. I'm glad you have done this post. I have only really got going with my blog this year and have enjoyed following blogs with Google. I've just got the hang of it. When I read they were doing away with Google Reader I kind of went into a panic, ran around in circles, and then did nothing! I really need to sort out something before 1 July. I would so miss following everyone's blogs and likewise I enjoy receiving comments from my followers.

  9. Merci Jane pour ces renseignements, je n'ai encore rien fait, mais, il va falloir bouger ...
    Bonne journée ! rosethé

  10. I follow my favourite blogs trough the bloglist in my sidebar =) I think that's the most simple way. But I start wondering if I should choose another alternative too...
    Can I ask you some questions? Should I have another alternative for my own blog? Can people follow me through for example blogloving even if I dont have it?? I just haven't got the hang of this following stuff =) Anyway I can follow my favourite blogs trough the list, but I dont want to lose my readers just coz I haven't got a nice alternative for them...