Sep 26, 2013

Gifts from 3200 Miles away: Maria of pretty things Ireland sends me gorgous gifts!

Good day good folk!

I hope you are all well, how goes the little things in life?

I wanted to show you a few pictures of the beautiful package I received all the way from Ireland to NY.    (around 3,200 miles / 5 152 km)

Maria, as you all know, is a amazing lady. She was so generous to send me beautiful minis from her heart, so here are the goodies I received!!!

Maria made my day with these gorgeous wonders, as you can see she sent a array of handcrafted and sweet minis.
Here is one of her lovely beauty trays she posted about on her blog, I love this beautiful grooming set and all the little charms to make a beautiful ladies scene! A little lantern to flicker as well ;)
Here you can see a few of her wonderful knitted wares, a lovely girls dress, hat and nappy cover. The beautiful blanket and pillow and a few sewn baskets to fill with goods for holiday' scenes ;P
Here is a close-up of her amazing craftlady ship ;) So delicate and beautiful.
This set make me feel like spring again, even though I am heading into fall ;) But its always a particular season in Holiday INC!
This little gal is so lovely and so tiny, I love the pink colors she is magical looking!
And this last thing I received wraps it all up as a point for all of us mini folks and friends.
We are all over the world, some of us in corners where no other mini folk are to be seen for miles. Yet we all share this hobby for small wonders and share so generously!
I highly suggest we all try to send a post card like Maria did for me, I know I will be doing this for all my swaps and givaways from now on. ;)
How awesome to receive a postcard from across the world!!
Thank you again Maria for being a most generous, thoughtful and lovely mini friend!


  1. Lovely little mini gifts indeed.
    What a gorgeous postcard as well !

  2. very pretty gifts, love the postcard x

  3. Congratulations whit your lovely gifts. It's so amazing to receive gifts from your blog friends. Enjoy your lovely treasures. They have been on a long journey.

  4. Wonderful gifts from Maria who is one of the sweetest ladies in our Blogland. Enjoy your new treasures.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Deliziosi regali quelli ricevuti da Maria, molto generosa e brava nel lavorare con la lana !
    Un abbraccio, Manu

  6. Bountiful, beautiful minis! I am always so impressed by the teeny tiny crochet work. Love the postcard idea too.


  7. Wooooooo que maravilla y generosa María, disfruta de estos regalos, besos:-)

  8. Oh, you know needlework is my weak point! Lovely, lovely gifts, lucky you! Congratulations! Mini hugs, Natalia

  9. Hello Jane wonderful gifts from dear Maria! kiss!

  10. All these gifts are wonderful and the gal is adorable.

  11. Oh Jane! Maria spoiled you with so many presents, you ar very lucky :-)
    I love the knitted blanket....wish I could knit that way! Enjoy the precious gifts.

  12. Замечательные подарки от доброй и внимательной леди! Я обожаю ее вязанные одеяла и платья!

  13. Hello Jane :) I am very happy that you liked my gifts. Thank you for the wonderful post you have me blushing :D
    Hugs Maria

  14. Gorgeous gifts, Jane! Wow! Maria's knitting is so detailed and delicate--you go, girl! Isn't Maria a sweet friend? These kinds of mini swaps really make my day--enjoy! xo Jennifer

  15. Nice things and to send a postcard with the package is a great idea =)

  16. Maria is truly a sweetheart. Congrats on your lovely gifts!


  17. Muchas felicidades por esos hermosos regalos!!