Jan 5, 2014

My Christmas gifts from the wonderful Wyrna of A Fairy Tale Come True!

Hello Folks I wanted to share some of the wonders I received from Wyrna over the Holiday.

I think we all know the amazing lady that she is and most know of how exquisite of a crafter she is. I was lucky to have received some of her loveliest hand crafted miniatures! You might want to go have a look at her shop....AMAZING!!!
Wyrna sent me one of her exquisite tables decorated in this lovely and feminine theme, it is just so perfect in hand...LOVE it. You might be so lucky to win a piece of her furniture in her Givaway!
An array of beautiful Christmas ornaments, they are fantastic pieces!
She also sent me some of her lovely storage boxes!
And of course you have seen these beautiful and tiny Christmas candles, they are perfection!
I want to thank you again Wyrna for sending such beautiful and exquisite gifts to me! Your thoughtfulness and friendship means so much!
Big hugs!!


  1. You're very lucky, Jane! This is a wonderful winning.
    Hug, Faby

  2. Beautiful gifts. You are very lucky to own some of Wyrna's lovely work.

  3. Felicidades por esos hermosos regalos, has sido muy afortunada:-)

  4. Congratulations for your precious gifts! Wyrna's work is very beautiful. Enjoy your new treasures.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Such beautiful gifts. Wyrna is a truly talented lady...and very generous :-) Enjoy your gifts.

  6. You are very lucky to be receiving some of Wyrna's stuff...I really love her miniatures....perfect!! They are soooooooo cute!! Enjoy them! <3 <3

  7. You have received such lovely gifts! Wyrna always makes such beautiful things!

  8. Lucky you, Jane! Wyrna's craftsmanship and style are exquisite. I look forward to seeing these beauties in one of your future projects. Enjoy all of your new mini treasures! xo Jennifer

  9. I bought Wyrna's golden table (which is quite similar to yours) and I am so happy I did! It's so dainty and beautiful! None of my dolls are actually pretty enough for that piece!!! Lucky you Jane! I love the ornaments and candles! Fantastic miniature pieces!

  10. tienes unos premios en mi blog, feliz año nuevo

  11. Thank you Jane, because you get my little gift, look so wonderful. You are free to change the items, so it suit your taste.
    Thank you for your very kind words.

  12. Bellissimi oggetti hai ricevuto da Wyrna, molto elegante lo scrittoio e i suoi oggetti!
    Buon anno, Manu

  13. Lucky girl! They are exquisite! Enjoy and play well :-)

  14. Beautiful ! I must say your site has me wanting to try my hand at making some of these amazingly wee wonderful things !

  15. Wow Lucky you Wyrna's gifts are gorgeous.The tiny candles are beautiful. She is a very talented lovely lady. Enjoy your treasures.
    Hugs Maria