Sep 24, 2014

Geschenke ...from afar!: Also I am going to go crazy for another fair! *twitch*

Good day you fine folks of far away places!

I wanted to show you some gifts that a fine lady sent to me, of course she had to blow my socks off with a massive package of oooo and ahhh!

Brigit of sent me this big ol' box of wow!

After I pick up my jaw from the floor I opened all these gorgeous boxes and .....
..After I woke up from passing out... I read all of Brigit's wonderful notes! Brigit sent me many wonderful things for every project I have and hope to create! ** as you can see I opened a box..and then celebrated by eating the Marzipan...there were a lot of boxes..I ate a lot of Marzipan **

Brigit has sent me so many wonderful magical gifts my tower is going to be soooo awesome!
The detail in her work is just amazing this piece with the flying pages and dragon is
I love her little house displays look at this wonderful Halloween piece with painted jack 'olanters and the old trees, gorgeous!
Of course the winter house and Christmas minis were perfection as well, I love her little ornaments.

Of course Bigit has a Etsy store, I left links above for your to find some of her amazing minis here is her blog if you have not has a visit

Thank you so much Brigit for your generosity and battle..begun!

I also wanted to let you know I intend on joining the local Christmas Holiday Fair this year, so I will be working on projects for that. I have some ideas to create some minis scenes, polymer clay covered boxes and a few bits of jewelry and charms to fill out the table. I never expect to get a lot of money but I think just making a appearance and sharing our mini and macro hobbies is a great idea to do if you can.

Here is a little foam pumpkin I carved for Halloween, kind of like my Easter Egg I want to do a mini scene each holiday...a sneaky peek ;)

Here are some simple wood boxes and book hide-aways I am going to play with, also I thought maybe a permanent gingerbread house with clay might be a good sell.

and of course there is this...I still have to finish...*twitch* crazy stare*...

I hope all your mini adventures are going well!! Maybe we should work on some candy displays together for halloween? 


  1. Beautiful gifts from Birgit.
    I'm curious to see your new mini scenes.

  2. Wow! Birgit spoiled you rotten with all of those gorgeous gifts! Congratulations! Careful, Birgit! When Jane says that a "gift battle" has begun, you'd better watch out. You don't want your postman to get back trouble from the enormous boxes of gorgeous gifts she'll send you. ;-) BTW, I adore that colorful test tube rack--it's perfect for you, Jane! Can't wait to see more projects from you. It's all looking really interesting already. xo Jennifer

  3. Wow you got a lot of gorgeous treasures from Birgit. Her talent is as great as her generosity. I love her little houses. Enjoy all your wonderful gifts. I am looking forward to seeing your new projects.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Hello Janeyfanaticus!!! What a scoop!!! You will be playing with these great goodies for a very long time!:)) Brigit certainly worked her magic with these tiny treasures and what a talent she has for capturing the spirit of your mystical creations. I also, Love the effect of the flying papers; Wowee!!!; and such an assortment of Beautiful things to marvel over.... Congratulations Jane, and Great Work Brigit!!
    gotta go now and look at it all over again! :))


  5. Wow wow... You have got a marvellous gift from Birgit! All those beautiful items! Yu are the Lucky girl! Enjoy!

  6. I'm afraid now!!!!!!!!! *gulp* No gift battle... pleeeease!!! You already spoiled ME with your most wonderful gifts - and it's really funny that you posted about my modest gifts today. I have written my post about yours this evening (it's going to be published tomorrow). If I was able to send you a little joy via mail then that's all I ever wanted! - Your plans about attending a fair sound very exciting... I really like your plans so far and can't wait to see them realized... without any more teasers... so unfair... *grumble* ;O)


  7. You are so right, Birgit sent you a big package, with lots of ooooh and ahhhhs =) I LOVE her paper stacks, I'm so happy I have one myself, and now you get to see how lovely they are in real life too =) And all the magical stuff is great! And the little snowman is sooo cute! How great isn't it when talented persons are also very generous and sweet, like Birgit, and you, and so many other of the people of the miniature world =)

    A mini scene each holiday sound so wonderful! I love the Easter one you made, I think Halloween will be great too, and maybe one day my favourite, Christmas is being created by you too =) Looking forward on this!
    And wishing you the best of luck at the fair too!! Wish I could be there to see all your lovely work, but I might drop my jaw, and pass out like you did opening the package, so I settle with staring at my computer at all your pictures (The ones I hope you will share with us later) =)

  8. Los regalos son preciosos.
    Espero ver pronto tus trabajos.

  9. Wow Jane, what a lot off beautiful presents, I love the little halloween house display , it is gorgeous !!
    Enjoy all your lovely treasures :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  10. Hello Jane,
    What a great package you got. Birgit is awesome and so kind and generous. I know all those minis she sent are in good hands and will have a wonderful home.
    I can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas exciting.
    Big hug,

  11. Beautiful gifts from Birgit.
    I am curiosus to see new work! Kiss!!!

  12. Amazing goodies from the very generous and talented Birgit! She thought of everything...even the marzipan...yummy! I love the craft fairs this time of year and I think it's awesome that you will be sharing our wonderful hobby. Best wishes on the fair...I am sure it will be great!
    Lisa :-)

  13. О!!! Какие великолепные подарки! Биргит невероятно талантлива! Наслаждайтесь!
    Желаю большого успеха на ярмарке! Ваши работы прекрасны!

  14. Wow, that is a great haul of pressies and a ton of marzipan munching =0D
    Love the idea of the themed pumpkin. Just looked back at the easter egg and thats FAB so looking forward to what you come up with. =0)

  15. I've just seen your swap part on Birgit's blog and now I look at Birgit's. Both are simply awesome.
    The idea of making a Halloween display in a pumpkin is fantastic. I love your Easter egg. Good luck
    with the craft fair!
    Hugs, Drora

  16. Oooo, I love all the goodies you got from Birgit! And now I'm off to stalk, er, check out her Etsy store!

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  17. That's a nice swap! Great package content! I wish you good luck with the Christmas Holiday Fair! I am sure you'll create fantastic pieces!

  18. Bellissimi regali hai ricevuto da Birgit, complimenti!
    La tua nuova scena mi mette tanta curiosità, sarà ispirata ad Halloween?