Nov 6, 2014

Keeping up the blog: Things I am doing: contest hint.

Good day good folk!

I thought I should show som more pictures of things n stuff and do a little update ;)

Working on projects for the craft fair:  I am going to try to just get things in peoples hands, I will accept any offers they make and while doing this keeping things cost effective is the way to go.

This is a little stone wall scene I created, for this craft fair, can you guess what 90% of it is made of?
  Hint: Rough line scraper was used

O ye bottom of the bin, thou does treat me so well...

I also decided a little fairy cubby hole would be cute for a bookshelf or desk 
Sleeping in her bed of mixed scraps, hey! It works ;)

I played around with a idea of little glitter houses in ornaments, this one is just a mock up but I like the idea and will prbably make a couple since its a Christmas Fair.

My woodland path box is finished, I still have to seal everything but I think it turned out nice for both a keepsake box and a example for a miniature scene. See the little deer hoof prints?

Here is another mechanical/steampunkery type box from metalic clays and bits

I started to throw together a few of the 1/4 scale buildings I got from my greenleaf set of goodies. I think this might be a nice old cottage... if I finish it..

I also decided to take another afterschool class for the local elementary, this season we are doing Faux Gingerbread houses, I will post more about this in a fucture post but here is the example of starter and a idea of the finished project..dont mind how crappy mine looks but I only had 1 hour to make a example for the kids..thiers will look much better!

I also said I would show you a bit of my on going build..I will be realeasing some sneak peeks over the next couple of weeks but here is a piece I crafted that tells quite a bit about what the build will be..without telling exactly what it will be :)

Hugs to all and happy crafty days ahead!


  1. Tienes un montón de proyectos en marcha. Me gusta sobre todo el adorno de Navidad. Y la casita pequeña tiene muchas posibilidades. Espero ver lo que haces con ella. Seguro que será algo precioso.
    Un abrazo

  2. wonderful work! Can't wait to see more of your glitter ideas/- works!

  3. Lloving that wee fairy cubby , oh crafty one !

  4. Your creations are work of art my dear Jane! I hope the Christmas fair will be great fun! I like your idea of making faux gingerbread houses. I look forward to that future post because I would like to make one for my girl. I find real gingerbread house extremely difficult to make so I am hoping to learn an easier way!

  5. Has trabajado mucho y con proyectos muy diferentes La verdad es que son todos preciosos

  6. Wow you have been a busy girl. So much inspiration here. I'm crazy about the little stone wall scene, I never would have guessed it was made from left overs, so glad I didn't throw out my scraps now. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. You are so productive, and they all look wonderful! It's so hard picking a favorite. Lovely work, as always!!

  8. You have very busy. Best wishes for the craft fair and I am certain that the attendees will be lining up to buy your creations. The keepsake boxes are so cool and that little ornament is so darling.
    Thanks for catching us's nice to hear from you again.
    Take care,
    Lisa :-)

  9. With each photograph of your post, I kept saying, "Oh., how darling!" Everything you've made is just gorgeous, Jane. Those folks will be lucky just to glimpse your beauties, let alone take one home with them! :-D All I can say is WOW!!! xo Jennifer

  10. Quanto bellissimo lavoro Jane! Tutti molto originali mi piace tutto! Un abbraccio

  11. So many and gorgeous works, Jane, you are a master with clay :D! I love all of the ideas you have and you've been (and still are) very busy with so many creative projects, it's nice to read about this all on your blog. I love that little fairy in her scraps bed, so sweet with those teeny tiny wings on her shoulders, sweet dreaming.....*sigh* it's beautiful!
    Hugs, Ilona

  12. Everything looks so good, I'm sure you'll win first prize and your goodies will be snapped up.
    I wish you good luck.


    Everything looks fantastic! I'm sure these wonderful items will all be snapped up.
    I'm also sure the first prize at the contest will be yours. Good Luck!!
    How nice to be able to work with the children again.
    The gingerbread house looks gorgeous to me.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Ничего себе! Так много идей, и прекрасное воплощение! Вы очень творческая и талантливая леди! Ваши творения выглядят великолепно! Я уверена, что на выставке, ваши работы будут иметь огромный успех! Жду ваш пряничный домик!

  14. Everything looks fantastic! You're a great artist.

  15. You are super busy aren't you? Super busy making magic!! I love each and every single thing you made and there are no doubts about you being successful at the fair!! Hugs!!

  16. Wow Jane everything is gorgeous. I love the little fairy nook and the tiny glitter house. Good luck at the fair and have a fantastic fun time.
    Hugs Maria

  17. You're busy as a bee and everything you've shown is stunning - the visitors at the fair will be so amazed to see the variety of your work. And especially the details are breathtaking - the hoof prints, the tiny snowman... that's what makes it special. And another class - how exciting! But I really disagree about the gingerbread house - to me it looks totally fine! ;O)


  18. Lovely work Jane. You just reminded me I want to make some gingerbread houses to finish a Sugar 'n Spice Christmas scene I started a few years ago. Really should make an effort to finish it this year. I love the shape of your gingerbread house and I am sure the kids will have a great time making them.

  19. I like everything you did Jane, so beautiful all. Hugs.

  20. Beautiful as always, Jane! I imagine your booth will be sold out very quickly!
    Best of luck with your gingerbread house class.

  21. Oh, I Love your little scenes!!! The Fairy one is so sweet! The wall with the door in it would drive me crazy with wanting it to open..... where does it lead to????? And ornaments with scenes inside always enchant me! You are making so many little things! The secret build looks very interesting.... old fashioned..... workshop type of equipment.... Medieval? Magical? When will we get to see more???

  22. What lovely creations you bring us again :) I especially love the Christmas ornament with the little scene! So clever! I'm sure all your wonderful items will sell great! Good luck in the fair and of course in the contest ;)

  23. Wow! You have been super duper busy! I love the little gingerbread houses. I am one of those people that could probably celebrate Christmas all year long. :) Can't wait to see more! You have so many "sneak peeks" happening right now!

  24. I'm a bit jealous of the people coming to that craft show.. I want to see your things too =) That first scene is just wonderful!! Would snatch that up in a second! ;) Will keep that image in my head for my landscaping. The grass is great and your stone work is amazing, and the door, wow!

    And the ornament is beautiful! Perfect for Christmas.
    Sneak peeks are always fun, you always have me sitting and wondering what will come next, and it's always more amazing than I could even think of =)

  25. You are one busy bee! The roomboxes are perfectly enchanting. I'm sure the will be snapped up instantly. I love your 1/4th scale cottage. It is looking good! Have a great time with the kids!

  26. Wow Jane, what gorgeous work, I love the little fairy cubby hole, sooo sweet, and the woodland path box looks amazing !!
    I´m sure you will take nothing home the craft fair :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  27. Anonymous11/16/2014

    Hi Jane,
    thant you very much for adding me. I follow your blog too.

    You made a very beautiful things, I think you are very talented. I love your little fairy cubby hole!
    Have a beautiful Sunday.