Dec 9, 2014

Fair complete, contest house done, gifts at my door!! : Jane happy ;)

Good day folk of the globe!

Its been a busy, crazy few weeks here, this season is busy for a lot of us I see ;)

I attended the little fair and brought my goodies I showed you over the last few weeks sold a few boxes, journals, jewelry a few mini scenes even sold!! Overall it went well and I enjoyed the experience and found that there are folks in my community who love minis!!

I finished up my contest house and submitted it, its all about crossing the fingers at this point!!  I have made a tab at the top called 21st-annual-creatin-contest for the photos and will be adding them over the next couple of days.

I also received some wondrous gifts from fine mini friends and I would like to show you the kindness I received ;)

Here is a shot from Brigit and Melli showing the cards and gifts I received from these lovely ladies!

Here is the tiniest elf you will ever see, he is so detailed and perfect! It only shows you how fantastic Melli is at clay which I am sure most of you know already!

OMG Sooooo cute!

Here are some of the goodies I received from Brigit, I know some of you folks are getting packs from her, your a fantastic lady Brigit!

I love these wood cut pieces they are so detailed and would make wonderful signs and detail pieces for a fireplace mantle! The little toys and yummy gingerbread are perfect.

Here is a special piece she sent me for my Sorceress Tower, it is filled with starts and displays changing colors, beautiful and full of magic! She creates wonderful magical minis in her shop as well.

Thank you so much Brigit and Melli for thinking of me and sending me such wonderful and thoughtful gifts for the season! I love them!!

I thought I would show you a few of the scenes I created for the fair as well, those of you who have been with me in blog land over the last few years will recognise some of these old minis I did years ago.. Hold on to them..even if they were not your best at some point you certainly can reuse them!!

This little hobbit house desktop garden was oohed over a few times but did not sell. I might add it to my shop since I think its a great little scene.

I mean LITTLE its a 6 inch dish!!
Happy and healthy holidays to you all!! I hope the season brings you creativity and joy!


  1. Beautiful gifts! I love your mini garden.

  2. They are pretty cool gifts. The hobbit house is adorable. Good luck in the creatin' contest. Look forward to seeing the entries =0)

  3. Wonderful gifts of two very kind ladies, Jane, enjoy it! I love your tiny hobbit house, it's so adorable to see :D!
    I wish you good luck in the creatin' contest. And creative and happy holidays to you and your family!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Unos preciosos regalos. El duendecillo me ha encantado.
    Un abrazo

  5. Unos regalos encantadores. Tu jardín y casa del hobbit es un trabajo precioso.

  6. Fantastic gifts from lovely blog friends! Glad you had fun at the fair. I adore your Hobbit house scene--really cute! Glad to see your Etsy shop is up and running again after a short break. xo Jennifer

  7. Wonderful gifts from friends! I love the little elf :-) I'm glad that your fair was fair! Best wishes for the creatin' contest. Can't wait to see pics.

  8. Hello Jane! I am so proud of you for getting so many major projects finished and finished on time too! Your craft fair sounds like it was quite satisfying and I was oooohing and awwwing over your little Hobbit House, too! :D
    Love All the tiny gifts, especially the wood cut-outs and the little elf, whom I think, should be in a commercial for Kiebler Cookies!
    I'm keeping my fingers and eyes crossed re: your Creatin Contest entry!
    YAY JANE! :D


  9. I'm so glad the fair was such a great success. Your minis are gorgeous and the people in your community should know what an incredible artist lives among them. I love your scenes. They are so incredible.

  10. Ваша работа замечательная! Вы создаете волшебные мини!
    Поздравляю с замечательными подарками!

  11. You got some precious treats for Christmas!

  12. I so happy you found more mini-loving people, and that you sold your things (I understand why, they are so wonderful!!)
    I recognise the Santa on the card from Mellis blog, he looks so great! Makes a nice card! =) And that tiny elf shore is cute!!
    And the wooden pieces from Birgit is beautiful, I'm glad I got two myself =) And the magical piece is wonderful. How thoughtful of them to send you such wonderful gifts =)

    Your scenes are wonderful! Love the "wooden lady" and the hobbit garden is fantastic!
    Happy holidays!!
    Hugs Hannah

  13. So wonderul gifts from very talented ladys ! Enjoy them!
    Happy that you had a great Fair! Your Art work in miniatures is fantastic! Of them the Hobbit scene is my favourite!
    Have a nice day!

  14. I love all your minis but your little hobbit house garden is my favourite. Great scene!