Jun 30, 2015

Me too: The blog world has decided, break time!! ***pictures**

Hello folks!

Ive seen you all taking some summer/winter/break/family time and I think its a great idea!!

Lets all just agree to do some outside/family stuff for a bit!!! I know my flabby butt could use some movement off of the work chair and whats... that stuff.. outside... that looks like bright lemons??

Oh yea, Sunshine!!

I have a few big life projects to complete as well as my daughters first real dollhouse so I will work on that for this next month while on break and maybe we can have a little fun when I get back and I will show you some cool techniques!

So I am off for a while, I hope you all do the same, enjoy family, travel and work on minis..just in the sunshine a bit ;)

For those of us who are still working on projects, here are some things ive done over the last few months as inspirations for you incase you need some ideas.

Summer hugs~ J

Jun 1, 2015

The Log Mansion: Delivered and done!

Hello fine folk of the far and wide!

I have had quite a busy busy two weeks, I am just getting time to catch up on blog reading and finish this post before I have to complete a last project..then.WHEW..rest!

The log Manson was delivered over the weekend. My customer is now busy with decorating her new house and as youve seen she has a lot of space to fill up. I attended a miniature fair and grabbed some supplies for new projects.

I am just going to post a few photos I've grabbed from the camera, some are as I was working still.. in a week or so I will put a tab at the top with all the shots/closeu ps once I get to sorting.

For now here are some final shots to ogle, I hope your all being crafty!!


As usual, if you have any questions or requests let me know in the comments!

Will be back after a short rest with some tutorials on stonework, molds and stamps!
Hugs!!! J