Nov 15, 2012

Thank you gifts, first 5

I started working on gifts to the first 5 customers, I want to do a nice package for each so I was thinking a book, goodie bag and some..uhh thing..else.... Its not all hammered out yet in my head.

I did a few of these little coffee table books in different themes flowers, fruit,ferns leaves

I worked on a couple of desk buddies to hang around your mini library.

I dunno this one might look too angry...but hes serious about books that's good :P
I also though about doing a few videos kinda a link to: as part of selling, I might be getting ahead of myself here but I thought a live show of the item might be nice to see once in a while.. just gotta get some pretty furiture to showcase them with..not my dollar store side table *lol*
This one isnt offical its just testing the idea..


  1. Jane,

    We must have a kindred spirit... The book turned out great and I LOVE that little dragon! I could soo see him/her setting on a shelf up high keeping an eye on everyone. It reminds me of Nickicc dragons.

    1. well Jenny hon, you got a po box? maybe he can sit on your shelf a bit ;)

      I post a comment for you with my email ;)

  2. Congrats to you and your store opening!