Nov 13, 2012

Camera ..lights...action...

I still have a few days till I open shop, Ive set up the standard package.. Etsy store, paypal account, shipping and return policy, Just waiting to make sure transactions go through pay pal etc..

I have worked on the light box and camera shots a bit, I've determined some of the best lighting to show details as well as shine/glimmer/color.

You can see the gold candle is showing a nice effect here, a bit of tilting and distance get a good shimmer.
Pale off white backgrounds, simple paper towel and paper ruler seemed to work the best to showcase the item and still show info on size
I know people want to see the scale but they also want to "peer into" the object so I tried to utilize shots that did both. A bit of size and a bit of detail
I used a lot of "effect clay" in these lots, I am hoping they show through in the pictures.. somewhat ;)




  1. I like how you can see the swirls in the pear and apple. Also the ruler is a great idea especially if a person is trying to determine if the mini would fit into the scene they have created. I once bought a cat on eBay and that thing was huge, I got it and was like omg it's barbie's giant cat!!

    1. I'm still getting the hang of scale, I do most of these items by eye not exact measurement,I think I have a good eye for it thought ;)

      thats the great thing about doing decrative pieces they can have a slight variation unlike furniture or printies.