Nov 12, 2012

The Light box:

Step one... lovingly create miniature items with the most detail you can pull out of your noggin:

Step two ..take the crappiest pictures you can of that item so it does not so it any justice....<<< WAIT WHAAAAAAT?

So I figure besides just working for hours on making something, I should throw a couple of hours into trying to take pictures that ...somewhat resemble what you can see with your eye..this part is the hardest.

Now if you have seen my other blog you know I have struggled with finding the best light to take pictures under, and for a while under my range hood seemed to be the best..that light has...uhh faded.

So I decided to mess around with a light box.

I have seen many tutorials on creating one and the lighting effect for those pictures but I am using this old digital camera ..and im no lighting scientist...<this is a term isnt it?
So of course I just threw a few pieces of card stock together and tape and I got this:

The biggest problem I am having is the lighting effects, this candle set is glittery and gold but you don't get the feel of it in the least. Gold tipped pine cones and glitter..uhh how do I get this to show?
I guess the testing continues, I am still searching for the perfect light, which I might never find.

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