Nov 11, 2012

Taking stock: your store and you.

While I am not rushing to get this store open this weekend..I am trying to get it up and running <this make any sense?

I have a shelf full of random things that I have made, I am trying to make category's to place them in so that they make sense.< yeah ..I'm not making any sense...

I know people loved the candle centerpieces so I am going to keep making those with different themes. I have a few in mind with a frosty touch ;)

Making miniatures is hard stuff friends....( big production for such a little thing) I wanted to go crazy and get a lot of things on the site but I might just have to pull back my little reigns and just get a few "little" things a'goin.


  1. Your centerpieces look great...Have I said that before?.? If not its true and I like the 4 candles under the gargoyle too. As for your Etsy store I have already marked it in my circle. I didn't know I had a circle but YEAH your in it!! Have a great week Jane.

    1. Thank ya honey, Im workin hard on a hunched back for these babies =P