Nov 10, 2012

Paper Boxes:

There are many websites and graphics out there for free printable boxes. I have collected quite a few of the downloadable graphic patterns, now you can paint the boxes or apply some paper to them or if you are familiar with a photo paint program, then of course the mini world is your ..uhh mini oyster?

Anyways here are  a few examples of simply adding new art to some plain box patterns.

 Crimping the boxes is the hardest part when making smaller and even smaller versions of said box so I use a sharp clay tool with a flat end to bend the fold line first. this seems to make a straight edge and not fray the paper.
You can use any tool you like I know some people might use a table edge or just hand fold but as you see here pressing the tool into the fold is quite easy.
Now your pattern options are endless,you can use the old standard prints that are out there like the famous Jims Dollhouse Pages
or Jennifers Printables but you can also just go out there and find tons of simple box pattens on the net to make your own.
For instance I have made these simple boxes for a few of my minifriends that have participated on my previous blog:

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  1. Your boxes look great Jane! I have a pair of those super small needle nose tweezers I bet those would work for tiny corners too!