Nov 9, 2012

Making something you like..and making it again and again : Molds

Ever made a little item that seemed to turn out just perfect and then when you try to make another it looks like a lump of shoe crud? This is where a mini mold might come in handy.

So you've made a great little bowl..and your not any kind of bowl scientist or craftsman..but you want to make that bowl again.
Then a mold may just be the thing for you. They have many diffrent types or craft molds out there but the one I keep too is Amazing Mold Putty. Combine two bits of goo squish and boom you got a mold.

 Now does this mean you can throw a lumpy ball in there and you have a exact replica? NO no no..uhh no, you still have to do the work my friend but its less work and forming the inside to a mold is a lot easier than trying to produce the outside shape.

So you can see the progression here is still handmade work, that is cut, shape, press, Ball Stylus , bake, sand and seal.

The great thing about the basic mold is creating additions to your already made bowl and shrinking enlarging within the same pattern. Don't forget you can twice bake these maybe a handle and you got  nice serving dish :)


  1. This is great and when you want to make a bunch this would really be a time saver!

  2. Hi Jane!! Thanks for this tutorial!! I wanted to ask you if you have ever used any other materials to make plates....I would like to achieve a finish like porcelain, I like them heavy, but every time I make plates with polymer clay, I don't like the consistency. Have you ever tried cold porcelain or something else to make plates a bit heavier? Thanks in advance for your answer.....whatever that is!! :) Big big hugs!

    1. Hey hon I messaged you on Google plus ;)