Apr 10, 2013

Garden Tote: Step one :printies and cutting:

Good Morning folks,

I thought we would work on a garden tote and scene together. I will span it over a couple of days in case we (me) need breaks in between ;P

The plan will be to create:
  • Garden Tote:
  • Small shovel
  • Seed packets
  • Garden gloves, cloth or paper
  • Straw hat
  • Pots, plants other decorations.
  • Maybe some rubber'esk boots created with polymer clay

Here is a full page printie to get us started: This printie will assist us in the next few steps and also can be used to alter your plan or use for future garden decorating.

Full page printing as picture no scaling. Save to desktop. You might want to "open in new tab" and enlarge also

Now I know you will have some cutting and decision making here so this is what I was thinking.
You can cut the tote from paper I have already applied a wood graphic to, you can use double prints to make inside and out or you can use the top template for wood cutting.
Now I tried a few options with this plan I like using thin balsa wood for this item, but you can choose with the different options.
If you use the template you can cut it and trace as follows: Full template trace, then cut pieces
Cut individual pieces trace / cut
As for assembling the wood this also can be done in different ways: Glued wood to wood
Glued wood to the paper template: easier than wood to wood
Or of course paper by using cardstock, paints or the prints I have provided.
I will talk more about finishes and paint options tomorrow. For now good start ;P
You can prepare your seed packets by using straight card stock or plain paper colored paper..you can add some bulk to them if you like... sand/seed beads/or just bend a bit.
The other items are for us to use for scale and planning:
To be continued.....................
OH.. let me know if there are any problems with the graphics or the printie thanks!


  1. Oh so idea rich you are. Thank you for being so generous and show how to do. It's so great that you spend so much time making model and show how.

    1. Well I am learning also ;P I hope it inspires others, we all get creators block *smirk*

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your pot is perfect.
    Greetings, Faby

  3. Very Cute! I'm pinning this! Bet it will get repinned a lot, drawing traffic to your fabulous blog and Etsy shop.

    1. My etsy shop has cobwebs *lol* funny how much work i've done outside of it ;P

      Thanks for the link up hon

  4. Grazie per i prints mi metto all'opera! Baci Manu

    1. Spero che per il meglio :)


  5. Thanks for the printies! Very cute. Gets me motivated to create a scene.
    Best Wishes,

  6. Thank you! This is a good ide´a.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  7. I missed this post somehow! I love anything garden related so I think I might have to print out so I can play along this weekend :) You have the best ideas and blog posts!

  8. What a fun little project. I am so going to print this out and have a play. Thanks.