Apr 11, 2013

Garden Tote: Step two :painting and hat making:

Good evening folks,

To continue from yesterdays Step One: we will discuss paint finish and straw hat making.

I know a lot of you are into shabby chic finishes so this same info applies to that category but I will focus on crackle:

As you can see here I have three finishes done with the same technique and it is how I decided to do my tote: 
You will want to apply a base coat of any color you want to show through a bit, shabby chic is done pretty much the same way by multiple coats, sanding open spots and crackle.
I have applied a white coat first, let that dry, then you apply a thin layer of glue, I like wood glue! *smirk* but Elmers works also
Then after that glue is thinly applied you add whatever color paint you prefer, in my case green. and set to dry, that crackle will form as it dries since as the glue dries it will stretch the pigment.
You can add a loop handle to your tote/ basket, I have not done this yet, I might put on a looped wire handle or one outside..I am not decided
You can then add a liner, use the same printed pattern I provided yesterday, but cut it down a bit more and dry fit it to make sure. but if your doing a handle inside. place that first of course.

As you see above I have my seed packets started, you can add some gloss to them in thin coats for a shine, I also have a few versions of a straw hat.
If you have seen my video tutorial on cornucopia wrapping, I did back in November 2012 you will notice that this is the same technique by forming a mold out of tin foil, and wrapping string around your form..
...and yes..this is how I have always done my baskets..for you long time readers :)
So start by making a hat form
you can then add tissue paper tot his form, a bit of cloth or you can just add plastic wrap and start twisting. Make a small loop with glue hold it till it dries.
Add a load of glue all over your form, or add it in stages on each wrap. once you get the cap part done you might want to let it dry a a bit, or blow dry it if you are impatient like me. ;)
The you can complete your form, make sure each loop has stuck to the previous.
You can decorate it or paint it after it has fully dried
We will continue tomorrow with gloves and the small shovel, Enjoy!
Of course I forgot again..to mentions that lovely lady over at Illyria's Miniatures gave me a award, I never know what to do with these, but luckily she has provided some info for me ;)
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  1. Thank you so much for your Garden Tote tutorial; I learned some new things today thanks to your clear explanation.

    1. Welcome hon, others inspire me and I hope to inspire them :)

  2. The basket turned out very nice. Love this way of making a hat!

    Lil on Lilsdolls

    1. Thanks hon,

      Try it out and improve it..Then let me know :)

  3. Grazie per questi altri suggerimenti, specie per fare il craquelé con la colla!Un abbraccio Manu

    1. la vostra accoglienza, è bello anche su mobili;)

  4. aww- I love the little basket all lined like that! I can't wait to have time to play!!

    1. better play now before the warm hits you and you get in to gardening ;)

  5. Hi Jane! Thank you so much for these lovely tutorials. I have never used glue to do crackling. I use crackling medium. When I run out of medium, I will try the glue method. It's snowing in Ottawa today and then we will have rain. A good day to just rest inside and play with my dollhouse!

  6. Thanks for your tips with glue. I like your hat.
    Bye, Faby

  7. It had to be glue, my non-mortal enemy!! But such a great idea and of course something everyone has. Thanks for sharing these great tutorials. Now I'm off to make a garden hat for the witches.