Sep 30, 2013

Swap with Lisa of Miniaddictions: and Halloween prep *wink*

Good day fine folks of the world! How are your seasons?

My Swaps have started to come in from "Feeling Fall" and I got a awesome fall themed package from Lisa of Miniaddictions

Here are some pictures of the fantastic items I got from our swap!

Lisa was so kind to have sent me a array of items straight from this lovely season!
This awesome looking Halloween Basket is so lovely, think I might copy it and make one in life sized ;)
Lisa sent this great looking plate of Ghost Cooke's on a plate, even a black doily underneath, it the details of a mini that make you go wow!
and of course this AMAZING prep set for Carmel Apples! I know a few of you are going to be wayyyy jealous of this Nahhh nahhhh ;P
As you can see she placed the apples on a waxed prep board, gave me a butter dish, caramels in a cup and of course the melting prep pot..I am drooling a little bit..excuse me ;P
Please have a stop over at Lisa's blog and add her to your circles, this lovely lady is certainly talented and as you can see very generous in her love of minis!
Thank you again Lisa for our fantastic fall swap!
Hugs! Jane.
You folks getting prepared for Halloween yet? I know its early. But, I certainly am *Wink*

Sep 26, 2013

Gifts from 3200 Miles away: Maria of pretty things Ireland sends me gorgous gifts!

Good day good folk!

I hope you are all well, how goes the little things in life?

I wanted to show you a few pictures of the beautiful package I received all the way from Ireland to NY.    (around 3,200 miles / 5 152 km)

Maria, as you all know, is a amazing lady. She was so generous to send me beautiful minis from her heart, so here are the goodies I received!!!

Maria made my day with these gorgeous wonders, as you can see she sent a array of handcrafted and sweet minis.
Here is one of her lovely beauty trays she posted about on her blog, I love this beautiful grooming set and all the little charms to make a beautiful ladies scene! A little lantern to flicker as well ;)
Here you can see a few of her wonderful knitted wares, a lovely girls dress, hat and nappy cover. The beautiful blanket and pillow and a few sewn baskets to fill with goods for holiday' scenes ;P
Here is a close-up of her amazing craftlady ship ;) So delicate and beautiful.
This set make me feel like spring again, even though I am heading into fall ;) But its always a particular season in Holiday INC!
This little gal is so lovely and so tiny, I love the pink colors she is magical looking!
And this last thing I received wraps it all up as a point for all of us mini folks and friends.
We are all over the world, some of us in corners where no other mini folk are to be seen for miles. Yet we all share this hobby for small wonders and share so generously!
I highly suggest we all try to send a post card like Maria did for me, I know I will be doing this for all my swaps and givaways from now on. ;)
How awesome to receive a postcard from across the world!!
Thank you again Maria for being a most generous, thoughtful and lovely mini friend!

Sep 14, 2013

Future..future Projects: "The San Franciscan" a gift from a fine lady

Good evening folks.

We have been doing a bit of work around the basement lately, we are organizing the space a bit more, separating the laundry room and workspaces and... we even put the gym equipment in a workout space!

I have decided to get back on the old elliptical horse again, since winter will soon be approaching and the ass just keeps expanding on my workchair..I figured I better make moves..literally!

I did a few mins on my elipical and I even gently pushed a few weights on the bowflex. GENTLY! of today I do believe I have not only severed my spine but fully dislocated my hipjoint.. Maybe not really.. but it certainly feels like it...  ahhhhhhhhhhh getting older!

but I digress..

While downstairs I was reminded of a gift, during one of the fairs last year, a fine lady who owned a dollhouse asked me to take in her project as she could no longer work on it.

She gifted me a San Franciscan from Duracraft.
She has already done a lot of work on the shell
The space in this dollhouse is pretty grand the box states Mansions in Miniature, that it is!
If you have seen this kit you know it is a massive project but it also has a immense potential to become a grand house.
Of course this project is going to be a ...ongoing  But it is a fantastic one!
You know I like fantasy houses, I wonder if anyone has ever done something magical to these?
Have a wonderful and creative weekend ;)

Sep 11, 2013

Feeling Fall: Have we swapped yet? *candycornsarenasty*

Good eve, good day or goodnight!  < depending where you are ;)

Hello folks! How are you this September day?

The leaves are again starting to fall, my little one is back to school a lot of my ongoing projects are..always on going..

I went through my bins O plenty and with my projects I have LOTS of supplies and extras. I thought I would just throw a few together and I think they turned out pretty nice.

So lets swap shall we? be fair, if we have not swapped already or I have not sent you gifts, and you are interested in this round: 
>Since shipping prices are F'in ridiculous!!! Let do three for three (3 for 3)< 
Cornucopia: ...yes those are acorns ;)
A candle centerpiece: Gold leaves and gems
Pumpkin Display: This is a small version of something I do in October on my porch.
I can do two this turn, so lets see who is interested Email, Google+ or comment to let me know and we will pick outta the hat ;) 
Ohhh did I ever tell you I hate candy corn?..well I do.. I should just throw these..somewhere