Feb 20, 2015

Minifanaticus: Hutche'ssssssss Giveaway!

Hello fine folks!

I wonder if alot of you are also in the ice age? Apparently here in NY we have slipped back in time and nature decided to freeze us out...Last night with wind chill here in NY -20.. thats 20 below 0 or otherwise known as..I HATE WINTER...

Any ways...

So here are the hutches ;)


Sharee Said  " I would love to see it as a wood colour rustic hutch to go in an abandoned house that has been taken over by creatures, whether they be fantasy or mice and birds, perhaps the odd broken cup and saucer plate, old jar of preserves, etc. Maybe some fall leaves that have come through a hole in the roof."

As you see you have some broken cups, plates and dishes covered in leaves and soil but the creatures don't mind. 

It does look like the roof fell in a bit but that is good because nature took over and grew a bit of green on the side. 

The critters are happy with the greenery, the butterflies, snails and mice have places to hide in. 

Sharee contact me via, email, google plus or ETSY with a address ;)


Then I realized I had another little hutch sitting in the corner being neglected so I choose another name:

Tatiana messaged me and said this:   "Hello Jane! Sorry for giving you short answer! ..I have the desire to make the kitchen for Mrs. Claus. :) :) :) I think that she should have old, shabby, green cabinet. There are a lot of different candles inside, also sweets and small house and your splendid cornucopia (with a tint of New Year)"

I hope Mrs, Claus will like the decorations and the banner with holiday cheer. 

You've got some nice candles and a glitter house some Seasonal plates, decorations and of course sweets. 

I thought Mrs Claus would also be busy with holiday cooking so there are a few books on the bottom for her to browse through. 

 Tatiana Contact me via, email, google plus or ETSY with a address ;)


Thanks to everyone who participated and don't fret if you didn't win this one..Jane has plenty of scraps in the bin for next time ;)

Feb 4, 2015

Monthly Spotlight: JennyBee from Dark Side of a Mini Addict

Good day good folks, oh its a chilly winter here..we've gotten almost 2 feet of snow and I am done with winter!!!

Now is a fantastic time to introduce you to another one of my fantastic friends JennyBee!

 JennyBee has always had a love for all things mini since childhood and even had a Tomy Smaller Homes dollhouse and Woodsey Squirrel Log House. "I still have the family and log house to this day and the squirrels still squeak!"~JB

When she was little she was one of those kids who made things for her dollhouse or her Strawberry Shortcakes dolls. So if fabric, thread, play dough or things like that came up missing it was pretty likely Ms. JennyBee had it in a dollhouse. 

"To me building dollhouses and room boxes is almost therapeuticMost of the ones I have built over the years were given away as gifts to family or friends and then there are some that I just will not part with. No not EVER! "~JB 

This  house you see below is JennyBee's Thistlewood Cottage. "This kit was promoted as a garage but of course when I saw it I was just thinking cottage. I love everything about this build from the many packages of paper clay I stuck on it inside and out and then right down to the decorating. I really wanted to do something different from what I had done before and now I am completely hooked on paper clay because of it!"~JB

You can see the details in this fantastic build have all the conveniences that any woodsy witch would need to be cozy!

JennyBee is a accomplished paper clay lady who also knows how to create some fantastical greenery. I was lucky enough to have received the purple wisteria as seem on my Elven Bowery. Here she shows how she used common items to create some amazing greenery around Thistlewood Cottage.

Jenny is currently finishing the front of a Street Shop that has been waiting patiently on her shelf since the cottage build. She also has a couple things on her list for this year - 

Finish the conservatory and the roof on the witch's house. Sneak in a 1/4 shop or a 1/24 scale front porch so I can decorate it for the seasons!!

JennyBee has some great shots, giveaways and explanations on her blog that are wonderful and is always available to help other mini folk ;)

"just send me a email or a comment on my blog and I'll try to explain it."~JB