Jan 21, 2015

ETSY: Miniatures and time management! Ideas, eyecandy!!! ***Lots of pictures**

Hello fine folk of the earth!

I hope you are all doing well, I know no matter where we are in the world at the moment its the season for sickness and flu, so I will encourage you to all keep healthy, wash your hands like a mad person and keep yourselves as stress free as you can!

As you know I tend to drop off the face of the blogging world from time to time but I am always busy with miniatures in some way.

After the Miniatures.com Elven Bower build I got back to working on ETSY and trying to get back into creating little scenes. so after a few friends suggested, I thought I might show you some of those items that I have worked on the last few months as filler for empty blogging and of course to inspire you folks with some ideas ;P

Most of these have sold but I am proud of each one so I will showcase them and hope the owners do not mind ;)

I will start from old to new:
Dragon Eggs 
Tarot Reading 
Witches Prep Board 
Drippy candles 
Dragon Search 
1:24th half scale Strawberry cake prep 
1:24th half scale Herbalist set 
Vampire Hunter
1:24th half scale Old world writing set 
Demon Hunter 
1:24th half scale Tudor foods 
Fall Candle display 

These skulls were pretty popular so I made a few set of them

Skulls of the fallen 

1:24th half scale Skulls of the fallen
1:24th Half scale Skull candle and book stack 
1:24th half scale Scare crow and hay bale
Old potion bottles 
The bubbling cauldron 
Squeakers the rat 
1:24th half scale cottage food 
Poison Apple prep board 
Old world bottles 
Witches Study
Spell Book Pedestal  

This curio is my first big piece. It is inspired by the show Penny Dreadful, which has all supernatural themes involved a real fantasy show, and sexy ;P

1:24th Half scale Log cabin set 

Anyone ever read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

I hope you enjoyed the show and are inspired to add a little magic to your mini!

As usual, just ask if you have questions about constructon, materials etc


  1. It all looks so incredible! I'm zeroing in on that strawberry cake though. It looks very inspiring to me. I feel like making another kitchen now! Your work is exquisite! :)

  2. It's so much fun to look at your work on parade... everything so extremely well made. I'm glad and proud to own gorgeous pieces made by you - including the stunning, awesome, incredible, breathtaking skulls! ;O)


  3. Hello to THE One and Only, JANE SMITH of the WORLD! :D
    I must say that you seem to be managing YOUR time Very Well Indeed! So many wonderful items with the Stamp of the Fanaticus, all over them! You have such a distinctive style which really sets you apart from the crowd. I am Sooooo Impressed with what you have been doing, and like Caroline, I am drawn to the desserts first; as a glutton, my eye wanders then to the cottage foods, but as an Artist, I am captivated by it All. Well done, Missy..... Take your bows! :D


  4. Wow, you have been busy. You have every right to feel proud of your achievements, they are all very impressive. Very talented Lady =0)

  5. Wonderful minies you are a great artist! Kiss!

  6. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! I follow your work on Etsy, but it looks like most of your items get snapped up before they even make it to my feed. ;-) AMAZING work, my very talented friend! Yes, my mouth was watering over that scrumptious looking strawberry cake, but all of your magical items are such a feast for the eyes too. Well done!!!!!!! xo Jennifer

  7. OMG, everything is so inspiring. I so want to persevere with my attempts at polymer clay. I can do it. I can do it. I can, I can.

  8. I can see that you've used your time very well, Jane, you're a master in making unique and amazing wonderful miniatures! And if I had to choose one of these treasures, well......I think I just can't ;)! I love the skulls, the Cornucopia, the bright colored bird and the wonderful prep boards, ah well: I just love everything you've made :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Oh, dear lady! These miniatures are fantastic! You are a very talented artist. I like your candles, skulls, cornucopia. Small strawberry cake killed me !! It is so small and looks so appetizing! Your green parrot is so cute! I love your miniatures! You are such a dreamer! Canned brain! This is it! I can view your masterpieces until the morning! You are unmatched!

    1. Спасибо вам большое за ваши сладкие слова и на английском языке! HAHA ! Замечательно!

      Я надеюсь, что это означает хорошо в России !

    2. Dear Jane,
      Let me tell you again your miniatures are great and I am glad that you liked the comment.
      But also let me add that I live in Ukraine. Though many of ukrainians speak russian language, we don't associate ourselves with Russia.

    3. Ahh thank you for letting me know!

  10. Un gran trabajo, imaginativo, divertido y bonito.

  11. Your creations really show how much you love creating minis Miss Jane! Soo many different ideas and beautiful work. Love love them all!!

  12. Wow, amazing work! You have been super busy. Lovin' those candles.


  13. Wow! I'm blown away! I agree with all that has been said here. Your talent as well as your imagination
    is incredible! I love and admire your work.
    Hugs, Drora

  14. Wash my hands like a crazy person, I'm good at that ;) Hope it will keep me from more sicknesses this season =) And hope you are well too!

    I might have to take your example, to stay away from blogs from time to time, to get more time for minis, I'll try that =)
    I'm always speechless by your work! Unbelievable! Your dragon eggs are wonderful, I'm so happy to have some myself =) And the dragons, I have no word for them =) I'm still bragging about the ones you sent me =)
    That boiling thing on the witch prep board looks great!! So real!! And the sculls, so very lifelike (Like I know how a dragon scull looks like, but after seeing your, I think I can say that's just it) =)
    The strawberries looks so tasty!!
    Feel free to come to Sweden to have a clay-class, any day ;)

  15. Hello Jane,
    I fell off the face of the miniature world as well and am so happy to be back to see these wonderful pictures. Your work is just wonderful, so well made and incredibly unique.
    Big hug,

  16. Wow all your items are amazing. Everything you have made is pure magic I love it all.
    Hugs Maria

  17. Jane, you have inspired me to have a play with a mini fantasy scene. I have made a little door, window frame and chimney from polymer clay as part of a little 'house'. I was wondering if you gloss all your polymer clay components of your projects?

    1. Hey Sharee! I am very happy your dabbling in the clay!

      I don't gloss all surfaces. I only use the gloss on parts that I think would natualy have a wet, shiny or waxy surface.

      So for instance if your going a apple. I would gloss and then dab wth my finger as a apple is waxy but not wet or shiny like rain,

      I would never gloss wood, but maybe a corner of stone here and there..

      While the gloss can protect a item if its a charm or figurine I think it also removes any real effect you can produce in the clay.

      Have a look at the poisen apple prep, caulron is glossed only in the goo. The plain apple is glossed but dabbed off with my finger, the dipped apple skulls only have gloss on the green goo part.

      You can always email me or Google chat hon ;)

      I await to see your wonderful bitty house!!!

    2. Thanks Jane. That was what I was thinking but some people seem to gloss everything. Hopefully I will be able to do a blog entry on the start of my project in the next day or two. Having fun!

  18. I looove my Skull of the Fallen, and had such a blast looking through the eye candy!! You're so creative and talented! Thanks for sharing these pics.

  19. Awesome!! I enjoyed very much with your pictures, great work, specially skulls and 1:24th scale works, I love them! I like Penny Dreadful show very much, I think season 2 will begin soon! Hugs.

  20. Glad when you fell you landed on some really great ideas. Love your stuff...all of it!

  21. Hi Jane,
    All your minis look incredibile! You're really skilfull!
    I love everything and above all your Lime Green Fwooper: she's wonderful!

  22. Unas minis preciosas, cada una tiene un encanto especial.
    Un abrazo