Jan 30, 2015

Minifanaticus: Theme Hutch Giveaway!

Hello snowed in friends!! Are we all getting snow..or rain..or heatwaves??  Ahhahhggggg!

Anyways, I did mention a midwinter giveaway did I not? I thought I might dig around into my bins and craft something interesting for the giveaway..but then..I just blanked out!!  I had no idea what to make..

Then I looked at these many variations of hutches I had on my shelf all in stages of being turned into...??

So I thought a theme hutch might be a good idea for this giveaway...

What theme Jane???

Well that is up to you!! For this giveaway you create the hutch you want and I will craft it!!

Want a shabby chic hutch with a cake display.. want a old witches hutch with moss and potions... want a strawberry themed hutch...like sunflowers...teddy bears...garden supplies...spooky Halloween...cats....harry potter.........something naughty *smirk*
Have you left a comment in the last three months November to now? Then you are included. No need to post this on your blog..Leave your choices in the comments.

Your choices will be color, style, theme..anything your mind can create..

Color: Wood colors, painted, etc...
Style: Shabby, Magical, Rustic, etc...
Theme: Potions, cakes, butterflies, food, etc...

The last day you can comment on this post will be 6th of February after that day I will do the draw and start working on the winners hutch. You will not know who won the draw until February 20th when I post the hutch.



  1. Hey! This is a terrific idea! What a wonderful giveaway. Like coming to Santa! I want old/white with a shabby style and cakes in there. That felt nice! :) Now I will have to do some praying, throwing pennies in fountains and looking for shooting stars to beat out everybody. LOL! Thanks so much for the chance Jane! This is really fun!

  2. Hmm...so many ideas and choices! I just love your fall items, so I'd have to go with that! :D

  3. Hola Jane, creo que puedo participar, tienes algunos comentarios mios, aunque en alguna entrada no te deje sabes que te sigo siempre! Me parece un sorteo de lo más original y ¡ a la carta! si me tocase, me encantaría que fuese una estantería Shabby, es que soy muy romántica. Te mando un gran abrazo y te doy las gracias por este simpático sorteo.

  4. Oh, wonderful! I think about a springtheme, flowerseeds, may be a Easterbunny, eggs, an Eastertree, some springflowers and Eastersweets? The hutch in shabby White Color or light green shabby? Hugs Hannelore

  5. Jane what a great idea for a giveaway. I would love to see it as a wood colour rustic hutch to go in an abandoned house that has been taken over by creatures, whether they be fantasy or mice and birds, perhaps the odd broken cup and saucer plate, old jar of preserves, etc. Maybe some fall leaves that have come through a hole in the roof. I don't usually participate in giveaways for larger items because of the cost of postage to New Zealand but I can't resist this one. I would be happy to contribute to the cost of postage should I be the lucky winner. I would have fun creating a little scene to place it in.

  6. Sorry about being snowed in, my friend! We're having clear sunny days lately, but it's bound to rain again. What a great idea for a giveaway, Jane! Count me in, please! What I would love from you: an expanded version of the Green Witch prep board in your Etsy shop, complete with spell book, mandrake, snapping plant, toadstools (red with white polka dots), herbs, etc. Color: stained wood for the hutch with mixed colors from the plants, flowers, and mushrooms. Style: Magical. Theme: Green Witch. I adore your Green Witch prep board, and a piece like this would be really fun and would break me out of my usual styles. You're the master at this! Thanks for this fantastic opportunity. My fingers are crossed big time. xo Jennifer

  7. Wonderful gyveaway count me please dear Jane! Kiss

  8. Please add me in while I think of a theme! :-)

  9. Wow fantastic giveaway I already know what I want if I am the ooo so lucky winner. I would love a magical theme with a dirty white paintwork and potions mandrakes or anything magical. My fingers will all be crossed :))) xxxx
    Hugs Maria

  10. Okay, snowed in......no, NOT yet, Jane, but a shipload of fresh snow is now coming to us ;)!
    Oh, how I love this very original idea to fill in a hutch of your liking, as a giveaway (hope you can read my bad English ;o).
    If I ever could wish for such a wooden (natural wood, not painted) hutch, I wished one with all kind of things for and chickens in any form: a dead chicken, or roasted, eggs, feathers and so on, because...............I'm building a hen house. But I think because of its size I can better say: a castle for my hens ;D! I'm so curious to see who will win, cause I love all of the ideas of the other readers. I wish you good luck with the many wishes and requests :D!
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Ilona

  11. La verdad es que no se si he comentado tus ultimas entradas , pero me gustaria mucho partipar en tu sorteo
    en caso de ganar mis preferencias serian , color madera , rustico y mariposas
    anuncio el sorteo en mi blog



  12. Ooooh, Jane, you are fantasticus!!! What a genius idea! You know I love spooky/witchy/naughty (wink), but regardless, I can't wait to see who wins, what they choose, and your interpretation!! This is going to be so fun!


  13. Ooh... I would LOVE an old witches hutch with moss and potions!! (* *) Or something Harry Potter world like..Magical... Witchy... Awww...
    I don't know why, but it seems that I have a little "thing" about hutches - just love 'em - don't know why, but just I do. And that would look so awesome in that theme (well, at least I think so)
    I do hope you'll count me in in your fab draw :)
    Hugs, Irina

  14. What a fantastic giveaway idea - wow, you're a tough lady facing any challenge! I must say the others already came up with some awesome suggestions and I must admit I would love to see your version of any of these suggestions.

    Well, around here some wishes being VERY surprising were muttered... I'm not telling any names, no, not me... but one you-know-who was suggesting a strawberry theme... another you-know-who something in pink with flowers... *sigh* But thankfully I'm the one having the last word around here and I had the majority behind me because all witch tower inhabitants totally agreed with me. So this is the wish of the de Spells, the Skullingtons and Birgit: A magical hutch (SURPRISE!!!), in a dark brown like for example dark oak, with potions, plants and everything an old herb witch moving into a retirement home could wish for... ;O) - Thank you for offering this fabulous giveaway and good luck to anybody. Stay warm and safe in the snow, dearie!


  15. Well Hello Jane. Sorry that you house bound because of snow, but what a wonderful way to pass the time; mimi-making for a Cause,--- Be-Cause of Us!!! :D Thank you Mrs. Clause; my wish will be a shabby-style doll cupboard with tiny dolls and toys. blocks games, tea sets, candy, roses, lace etc. but mostly dolls.
    I love reading what the others have requested, all of the ideas are special and I will be happy for whomever gets their wish a la' fairy godmother Jane Smith, who is undoubtedly.... the BESTICUS!!! :D


  16. A wonderful giveaway! I, too, am being house bound, but for other reasons. I wish it was only snow that was keeping me in.
    Wow! I could use some spell stuff with this hutch. Will hold my fingers crossed.
    Thanks and a big hug,

  17. What a great idea, not good being house bound, but a lovely way to spend it making a special gift, I am making a big shop full of modern minis, would love something from you, maybe a hutch for my coffee shop,will leave the design to you if I am lucky enough to win

  18. Ohh Jane what a way to spend time during the "Snowed In" time. I cannot wait too see what you come up with and I'm sure whoever the lucky winner is will treasure it this hutch. Warm spring wishes to you my friend.


  19. Hello Lady Jane! This is a fantastic offer! I always admire your work! I like everything! I am totally confused. Do not force me to make a choice! My brains are already boiling! :) :) :)
    Nature has gone mad. It has been tropical rain for to days. This is not common to our country. In January it is usually cold and snowing! :) :)

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  21. After I wrote my nice comment, it didn't post.... I need to remember to copy my comments before posting so that in case it will not post, I can just paste and voilà.
    I was admiring your smart and different giveaway. I love your idea of customising something for the winner, that's very cute and original.
    I'm not going to participate to the giveaway but good luck to all of you....This is a great reason to feel very lucky...It doesn't happen every day to receive a hutch to your liking and taste!!

  22. After I wrote my nice comment, it didn't post.... I need to remember to copy my comments before posting so that in case it will not post, I can just paste and voilà.
    I was admiring your smart and different giveaway. I love your idea of customising something for the winner, that's very cute and original.
    I'm not going to participate to the giveaway but good luck to all of you....This is a great reason to feel very lucky...It doesn't happen every day to receive a hutch to your liking and taste!!

  23. Un regalo genial y muy divertido.Me encanta como haces las cosas mágicas, de brujas o de Harry Potter, asi que ese seria mi estilo elegido. El tono del mueble seria en madera y muy oscuro, Bueno, tu sabes... a mi me encanta verlo, pero soy incapaz de imaginarlo.

  24. Hi Jane,
    This giveaway is great, like all your minis! It was an opportunity to visit your wonderful blog and I'm so happy about :-) Thank you.

    I've a country house, so I would love a rustic hutch, with something special/magical in it (I love cats).
    It's up to you!


  25. What a fun idea, Jane; so generous of you. I have a log cabin that could use a hutch; so, probably a bit rustic. Theme could be for the bedroom or living room; maybe even for Christmas. Thanks so much.

  26. We have lots of snow, just the way i like it this time a year :) hope you have the weather you like too.
    This is such an exiting giveaway! You have such great ideas :) if I'd be the lucky winner, I'd love a fantasy hutch. :) your fantasy pieces just blow me away every time. I'm so happy I already have some of your things, but I just can't get enough of them so i have to keep my fingers crossed for this too ;)
    Have a nice week, and I can't wait to see what you will make for this giveaway.

  27. Hello Jane,
    What a fantastic giveaway! Hang in there...the snow will pass before you know it!
    Big hug,

  28. Hi ya Jane!
    What a fabulous give away! Thanks for the opportunity! If by some small luck of the fairies I actually win this terrific prize, I know just what I'd ask for. If...and when...Maureen Beckett returns from 1775, she intends to start her own line of baked goods to feature in the deli she works for. A lovely hutch of yummy goodies would be just the thing she needs to start her new business. Maybe it will keep her safe and occupied. (Ted would be ever so grateful to you!)
    Speaking of snow, I'm staring at 3 foot drifts in my driveway, and the groundhog says 6 more weeks of this nonsense. Grrrr..... I wonder if She Who is All could help me out with that?
    Best to you,

  29. I would love the chance to receive some of your incredible work! Thank you for doing the giveaway. What would I like if my name is picked? I would love a hutch used by a gardener for repotting flowers and starting plants in pots. Thank you!

  30. Oh darn! As they say " A day late and a dollar short". Woever should win this fantastic giveaway will be very lucky. Can't wait to see what you and the winner have decided on.