Jan 31, 2013

The swaps are coming in, my thanks

I am already receiving the start of the swaps we did for the Valentines gift set from you fine folks!

I want to thank Maria from Maria's Minis for sending me such a wonderful bunch of flowers they will be going into my summer room to make it lovely!

I want to thank Cathy for her wonderful swap of the cabinet, which I now have to show some of my minis on ;)

I am eagerly awaiting the others *muahhahahah* I like getting stuff for stuff ....hummmn I wonder what should happen here around Easter? Maybe some kind of minifanaticalbasketofeggiscus or chocolatebunnyinyourmailicus....Easterpacktoyouicus?

....well we have time *wink*

Jan 29, 2013

Party time: Jane talks about her past

Hi folks!

You know its funny how much we change in life, events like marriage, children can really set your priorities. You know I wasn't always Betty Crocker, devoted wife and mommy with snot on her sleeve.

Once a long time ago I used to go clubbing and hanging out till the wee hours of the morning. I traveled a lot, had some great times. With the Carnival season it made me think about when I went to Mardi Gras.

"SO I got down there and it was packed... people were already blasted *lol*.. so the first thing you do when you get there no matter what time a day it is, have a drink!!!

So I have this massive jug handed to me and some beads...and..uhhh.. There was something about a Hand grenade.....I remember beads...I think I may have eaten a plastic toy..Green things....

Any ways, three days later I went home..."

Jan 27, 2013

Holiday Inc: This blog title is too long.....

So I was going to name this blog title:

Holiday Inc: Cutting and placing things next to things and then deciding on just buying new things to go with the OEM things..


I am planning on doing some of the exterior wood work, mostly planning..and some doing.."where was I?"

This kit had window pieces but they had print all over them which did not fit in the Theme I was going for so I decided on using some of that "stuff you never throw away in case you can use it for minis"

My daughter got this big lip gloss/ hair tie beauty kit for Christmas and wouldn't you know it had this massive piece of hard clear plastic.."score"

So I cut a few plain windows out, which I might just cover with decals any ways....yeah

I painted a bit of the trim to make sure my original inspiration picture was going to work with the "brick paper change up"
This picture here is a basic inspiration of how I want the front to look: Building on right
I also did a bit or starter work for a sidewalk using my wood glue, paint and sand. Then leveling it like cement. Its going to be "grassed up leaves etc, so don't look at lines which I messed up...
*shut up ;P *
The paint isn't as blue as it appear in these photos but I think I might darken it up a bit to get the same inspiration photo look.
Oh the part of cutting and just go buying.. I need to go get some 1/2 to 1" inch molding and trim for the crown areas and window trim, this flat board just ain't cutting it.

Jan 22, 2013

Making things in threes: Lets Swap

Over the last week or so I have been working on chocolate boxes for a customer, I  tried my hand at the bead perfume displays, I was working on a few little cakes for a friend and I received the most beautiful amazing gifts from Jennybee over at The Dark Side of a Mini Addict:

I don't want to blab too much about Jennybee and her amazing work or spoil the fact that she sent me a gorgeous scarf and one of her exquisite pieces of furniture....but..I guess I just did. Anyways I'll keep it short...

Beautifully crafted and amazing work...luv u

SO what did all this skill building and gift giving cook up for us, you might say?

I decided to work on a piece for my Etsy store: Tis the season

but then I started thinking... maybe a red set..

....but then I started thinking why not three red sets:

what are ya getting at Jane?

Who wants to swap???

So I have three sets like this one above. I would like to swap for things for Holiday Inc:

I need:

Christmas Room:
Wrapped presents and bags
Small toys
Lycopodium , princess pine, ground cedar  < can't find this anywhere...

Halloween Room:
creepy things
dark plants...

May Day: or summer room
Plants, flowers greenery...I SUCK at this
out door decorations, bird feeder.
birds, bugs,

Now this may not be how the traditional swaps go but this makes sense for me:  Gifts and exchange for your talents where mine suck ;P

Ok so I have three sets lets see who is interested , please let me know via Comments below or Google:

You should have a blog, will I make a exception..maybe
You need to be a member of this blog today.. exception if your part of my miniatures community
You want to be the 4th trade..exceptions..maybe
You want it in chartreuse...maybe

Ok let see who bites and I will random pick if we have too many.


Jan 17, 2013

Holiday Inc Easter room: Jane says dollhouse blasphemy

So the dollhouse blasphemy will come at the end of this post, just in case I get flack for it, I can run and hide as you read this post ;P

I have finished the layout of the grounds area of the Easter room. I am still adding plants flowers and eggs but I have to plan out areas for paint buckets, baskets and characters.

I used some cuts of lemax grass mats for the flat grass areas, I placed boarders around the stones and grass with a soil area (Wood glue, brown paint and tea leaves) to break up the view.
I wanted the borders and some areas to be raised up so I have thrown in these mounds like under the tree in a few places just to give more perspective.
Tree mound
I hope you enjoyed the view...
NOW comes the Blasphemy....dunn dunn dunnnnn
Some of you already know this from our chats ;)
I don't like the building construction part of building the house...there I've said it!
Now the reason I have stated this horrible thing is because I have decided to cheap out on the brickwork. Don't get me wrong I made some paperclay sheets, I bought some plastic brick siding and even thought of using individual bricks...but with time and life as it is....
I need to fix some spots...I will seal it... and I can always change it but for now scrapbook was my buddy.

Jan 14, 2013

Holiday Inc: Easter room update.

Greetings you fine bunch of folks! How are your winter projects going??

Well I worked on the Easter room for Holiday Inc:

I am showing you my ROUGH and CRAPPY lumps of a start but who knows when I'll update again ;P

So wallpaper is up and I have roughed out some of the permanent structures like the tree in the back and the stone path. Flowers and eggs are just throw in for the shot.

I did the path out of egg cartons as most people do. The sand muddy filler is my fav WOOD GLUE and sand / paint. I think I should get some kind of stipend from the wood glue company's for my use and mention of it.. WOOOOOODD GLUEEEEE ;)

I made this weeping..uhh Fanaticus Tree. Yeah I just kinda made my own species out of scraps.
So paint, plastic plant pieces and some moss. I did a few trumpet type flowers out of poly clay.

More work to be done.. ;)

Jan 12, 2013

Eggs, Baskets Action: I have fingeritis of the fingertips

So I made those eggs:

I watched some news and rolled some white ones:

Why is the news just the same s*** that was on last week, and probably will be on the week after? No ones doing any good in the world? Or its just not news worthy to have feel good stories on anymore?

I listened to some good jazz music and rolled some pink ones:

Then I got into the jazz, and mushed half of them  < I do not suggest jazzersizing your eggs ;)

I sat outside and rolled some blue ones:

It was 50 degree's today here on the east coast..its January the 12th....yeah but global wa'wa isn't a real thing..excuse me while I turn off my heat and open the windows...mid winter

I rolled some yellow ones in between some chicken soup:

My daughter is sick..again I don't think its the flu, I think we had that 2 weeks ago..then again last I checked 47 states in the united states had almost epidemic portions of the flu. I am sure the rest of the world is also effected in some way.

I rolled some green ones and my fingers fell off:

Then again.. I think I may have rolled one and then the tips of my fingers just fell on the tray, did you know you could get fingeritis? I did not think my thumb joint had a muscle until I actually pulled that muscle, rolling mini eggs.

Well baskets are next..unless a iceberg hits my house from the big thaw or:  I get terrified from the news report that states that the iceberg is coming or: The news reports that a iceberg filled with the flu is heading for New York.

I better just go listen to more Jazz and stretch my thumbs and calm down.

<3 Jane

Jan 10, 2013

Easter Stuff: Too early?..well have some any way's

Well it might be too early but the lazy early bird < me > gets some of the worms.

So here is a Easter Printie Pdf:  for you a couple of square Easter bags and a few egg shaped bags. Again just free patterns with free art.

I also did a quick video tutorial on Chocolate Easter Bunnies:
"They key word in this video is AGAIN.. wow.. hand me my dumb ass award..again " WADDA want I'm no video professor!" lmao
I'll add more in the next few weeks, and I haven't forgotten valentines ;P...and..."ooo jane goes off to chase butterflies"

Jan 8, 2013

Making random things: Looking at piles

I will have to start producing Easter items for the Easter room in Holiday Inc. I have to at least start making eggs. There is going to be ALOT of eggs ;)

I know I will be jumping around making random things, it's what I do.. I've accepted it.

I am a scatter brain when it comes to minis because I want to make ..everything that pops in my head. I am sure some of you know this well. *lol*

 So I made these two pieces last night to see if I could....just random things..

Now I want to eat them...So maybe a roast is in order and definitely some berry cake.


I stared at my bins O'plenty again...I have things I've bought, things I've made and a surplus of supplies. I keep buying more  < gotta stop this)

Its nice to have a starting point or to be able to grab a bowl, basket or pot when needed.
Now to actually start grabbing them and not just stare at the lot ;)


Jan 6, 2013

Yummy: The diffrence a day makes

I have followed all your advice:

I took a hike outside..in the snow but it was good.
I played some video games.
My daughter and I rearranged her room.
We went shopping.
And I am going to see les' Mis when the hubby gets home ;)

So after a busy morning, the boomerang mini effect : as Gee said it.

Although the Strawberries stuck ;)

Jan 5, 2013

Im feeling...meh: aka mini creators block..

You ever feel like you, either need a break or need to switch it up?

I love making minis but life and minis and mass production is starting to make... meh.  I have walked over to my work area several times in the last two days, turned on the light, picked up random things and just walked away.

Don't get me wrong I love doing commission pieces, LOVE!!!  ;)   but trying to work on my Christmas stuff while working on some ones wizard box makes your mind a bit blocky.

I love fantasy stuff, a lot of you know that from my past works ;)

My "customer" sounds so official..*lol* said I could show you one piece from the lot, so I
will ..Skyrim fans unite ;P

Dragon Skull:

I did work a tiny, tiny, tiny bit on Holiday Inc, Santas workshop, mostly construction stuff.

And I did a very basic Santa's doll head, just under painting here, gotta use your imagination a bit with no hair, glasses or body..
I have been thinking a ton on fairy stuff again, maybe I should move unto the Easter room. I'm rambling I know, your all going to think me crazy..er..  :)

Jan 2, 2013

Happy after year: Valentines printies for you.

Greetings folks!

I hope all your celebrations went well.

I, like many of you I am sure, did not get much mini'ing done over the holidays. I am working a bit on Holiday Inc, slow goes it.... maybe some pictures tomorrow.

I know its a bit early but I thought some Valentines printable's were in order. I know some people will start working on scenes for that holiday so I have added some free art to some free patterns in PDF format here

Bags, boxes, envelopes

I will be updating the Miniature Printables section at the top with more random things in the next few weeks.

Also anyone have a request for video tutorials? I will do my best to do a video if requested on any subject I can conquer.